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crimsonlipsluv's Journal

2 August 1985
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Laura is printed on my birth certificate,but i go by Lor,Lc,and L as well.I'm 23 years of age.I'm far from simple and yet easily amused.I'm mellow but at times tempestuous.I worship Turtle Cheescake and i love to play in the rain.I sing in the shower...and well scratch that...i sing just about anywhere.Mississippi mud ice cream sandwiches are yummy.I'm selectively O.C.D.,little things and gestures please me.I have a unbelievable fear of clowns...and just recently managed to merge zombie clowns into an even greater fear due to a horrific nightmare!!!Boo.I speak nonsense and truth.I have a morbid curiosity kind of nature.I pop cheese nips like pills.I have tons of acquaintance's but a select amount of friends.I love my family...and that includes my dog Pepper.I'm careful about who i make my friend nowadays due to past experiences.I can be a girly girl and be like one the guys at the same time.I drink,and just recently took up a bartending class with a good friend of mine.I'm weird,quirky,serious,and sentimental.Music is my therapy,and playing is therapeutic.I somehow always manage to obtain Tourette's syndrome while being competitive,mostly at cards and such.Basketball and Tennis are my 2 favorite sports.I NEVER miss a Spurs game!My friends are better than your friends.I tend to be sarcastic.Although...the statement before last...TRUE.I don't believe in "Do-Overs" or "Backies",and i still believe that Kevin & Winnie from The Wonder Years should have ended up together like Corey & Topanga of Boy Meets World.I dig tattoos and piercings and i have a couple of my own.I'm a UTPA student working on obtaining my degree in Elementary Education.Good times.I tend to quote the lines no one recalls from shows and movies and live by them...
6 feet under, absinthe, acceptance, acting stupid, adam sandler, alan ball, aleister crowley, anne rice, art, audrey hepburn, banana nut muffins, basketball, beauty, ben stiller, bettie page, billy boyd, black, blood, boy meets world, brandon lee, calligraphy, candles, candy, cheese, cheese nips, chicken mcnuggets, chris kattan, chris rock, christmas, classic hollywood, cold rainy weather, comedies, comfort, comfortable silence, conan o'brien, creativity, curb your enthusiasm, daria, darkness, death, death metal, dreamers, edgar allen poe, edward gorey, elijah wood, empathy, envy, ewan mcgreggor, fairys, fantasy, flowers, forensics, fraggle rock, fresh laundry scent, fried green tomatoes, friends, gene wilder, greed, guitars, h.p.lovecraft, hal sparks, halloween, hate, hispanic culture, homestarrunner.com, hot cocoa, idealists, individuality, j.r.r. tolkien, john huges, john lennon, judy garland, kites, kurt cobain, larry david, legends, life, long hair, love, melodies, metal, michael ian black, mint, molly ringwald movies, morality, morbid angel, mortuary science, moulin rouge, mountain dew code red, murder, music, my so called life, mystery, nirvana, origami, ozzy osbourne, pain, pantera, poetry, premium blend, realists, relaxation, ritchie valens, san antonio spurs, sarcasm, sex, shakespear, silence, sin, singing, singing in the shower, sleep, smiles, snl, solitude, star gazing, steven tyler, stuart townsend, sunset, tamales, tattoos & piercings, tears, tennis, that 70's show, the black dahlia murder, the golden girls, the ocean, the rosary, the supernatural, the wonder years, torment, vampires, vanity, vh1, visine, warmth